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  • Front Yard Design

    Is your lawn a victim of this Texas heat? Not to worry, we can install a new, healthy, thriving yard for your home or office.

  • Landscape Structures and Design

    We develop and install professional and affordable landscape structures and design. Call us today for a free consultation for your next project!

  • dry creek bed drainage

    We can design and install the perfect solution for the drainage needs in your lawn.

  • Home Water Features

    Add the finishing touch to your home, we install custom water features engineered to fit your home's style.

  • Landscaping

    Simple and elegant! No job is too big or small for Washington County Landscapes. We are happy to simply update your current beds!

  • Stone Steps and Retaining Wall

    Do you have a steep slope to your yard? Is it difficult to navigate? Steps and retaining walls can be beautiful and functional.

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Professional and affordable, we take perfect care of your landscape architecture needs.

Landscape Maintenance

Enjoy your garden without the hassle of maintaining it; you can leave the maintenance to us! We will completely maintain your lawn and bedding year-round, or we can maintain your beds while you take care of the lawn.  We will customize the maintenance care to meet your needs.

Landscape Irrigation

Are you tired of moving a water sprinkler around the yard?  Our licensed irrigator will install a new, state-of-the-art irrigation system for your garden, or repair/make additions to your existing system.

Landscape Installation

Landscape installation includes, but is not limited to, bed preparation, planting, trees, lawn and grading, stone and paver walkways, retaining walls, and drainage.  We use the highest quality plants and products to deliver you a garden that will last you a lifetime.

Landscape Architecture/Design

Created by a licensed landscape architect, a professionally designed, scaled plan unique to your garden will be drawn exhibiting functionality and beauty by connecting the architecture of your home to the exterior spaces of your garden.  Your plan will be created through sound, functional design.  Whether you are in need of a master plan for your entire property or simply a new bed design, our landscape architect is ready to help you!